Congratulations to MVA Certified Application Counselor, Mina Schultz, for being recognized by a national community assister’s support group in their October newsletter. Schultz was highlighted for outstanding performance in her field and for using her skills and personal story to help consumers find the affordable health insurance they need.

Read this excerpt of Mina’s story to learn about her dedication to her job and those she serves at MVA.

What made you want to become an enrollment assister and what’s your favorite part about this job?
Right around the time the ACA was rolling out, I received a cancer diagnosis. I was able to enroll in my parents’ plan because I was under 26, and I couldn’t be charged more because of my new pre-existing condition. Over the course of my year-long treatment, and in the years since, I’ve learned how necessary it is to have (and understand) health insurance, and am grateful that I can’t be denied coverage because of my medical history.

So many folks believe that they don’t need insurance because they are healthy and nothing is going to happen to them (I did!). The complicated process of getting and understanding health coverage is an added obstacle to persuading people to enroll. If I can make that process as painless as I possibly can and it helps one family enroll who might otherwise not have, I can rest easy. I love when people leave my office confident that they have at least a basic understanding of their coverage, and that if they have any questions, they have someone they trust who they can call.

What’s unique about helping consumers in your state or county or region?
We see quite a few laid off coal miners, and former mine workers who lose their benefits when coal-dependent energy companies go under. While there is a lot of suspicion about anything “federal,” many are happily surprised that their Marketplace plan is comparable or cheaper than what they had previously. We also only have one insurer on the Marketplace in our region. It’s not ideal, but it’s one less choice for the consumer to make, which can be a relief when there are so many other things to think about when choosing a plan. 

To contact Mina for enrollment assistance, call (304) 367-8759.