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A New Way to Visit Your Provider

In response to COVID-19, Telehealth is a new service that MVA has put into place temporarily to keep social distancing at the forefront. Using secure, video conferencing technology, our Telehealth service lets you see and talk to an MVA provider from anywhere on any device.

MVA’s family medicine, internal medicine, pediatric and behavioral providers are now able to connect with you using Telehealth technology to discuss physical and mental health concerns and to discuss diagnosis and treatment options – just as they would in a normal office visit.
No. Our Telehealth service can be utilized by both existing and new patients. However, new patients can only utilize Telehealth for Express Care and acute care needs.

Just call your preferred MVA Health Center to schedule a Telehealth appointment. Our staff will then step you through the process, through text or email, using your smartphone, tablet or computer so that you can easily register, consent and visit your MVA provider – with the click of a link. Click here to view our clinic locations.

MVA makes using Telehealth easy. Our platform doesn’t require any additional technology on your part. You can access the service using your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer, and our system doesn’t require you to download or use any type of special app. Once your appointment has been scheduled, here is the communication you can expect from us.

  • MVA will send you an appointment registration link via text or email with an easy-to-complete form.
  • On the day of your appointment, an MVA nurse will call to get some general intake information from you. At that time, you will be texted or emailed a link, which you’ll click to give consent to the Telehealth visit.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, MVA will text or email you a final link. When you click the link, you will be able to see and talk with your MVA provider.
Yes, for certain circumstances. Please call MVA to discuss your options.
Yes. You will be billed for a Telehealth visit just as you would be for an office visit. We accept most insurances and offer payment programs for those without insurance.