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School-Based Health Services

Each year thousands of students miss essential instruction time while seeking outside medical treatment. The result is missed in-class learning, one-on-one teacher support and make-up work. MVA Health Centers have helped address this issue through the School-Based Health Program it operates in area schools. Working cooperatively with the schools to become an integral part of their services, MVA—through enrollment—brings family medicine services directly to schools, offering students and staff the convenient alternative to missing classes.

Our School-Based Services:

  • Physicals
  • Vision screenings
  • Preventive screenings and programs
  • Treatment for acute illness
  • Immunizations | Vaccine for Children Program
  • Treatment for acne
  • Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma
  • Referrals for specialty care

Our School-Based Health Center Team

MVA looks forward to being a part of your child’s healthcare team. While our school-based sites do offer comprehensive pediatric care, they are not open every day during school. We, therefore, encourage every child to have a regular physician. If your child is already an MVA patient, our school-based records are readily available to his/her MVA pediatrician. If your child has a provider outside our network, we will send a note to that provider informing him/her of your child’s diagnosis or situation as appropriate. We can also make a referral to a doctor of your choice.

Enroll Today

Students may only be seen at one of our school-based health centers with a parent or guardian’s consent. Parents can provide that consent by completing a School-Based Health Consent form and returning it, along with a copy of your child’s health insurance coverage, to the school. Completing this consent does not obligate the student to use the School-Based Health Center, but it does give the School-Based Health Center permission to treat your child in case of emergency. Click the button below to download a School-Based Health Consent Form.

If you have any questions or concerns about our School-Based Health Program, please feel free to contact your local School-Based Wellness Center.

Download the School Based Health Consent Form