At MVA, we are so much more than just a health center. We are an advocate for our patients when it comes to their comprehensive physical and emotional care. Our case management services have been designed to help patients cope with complex situations that may exist in their lives. We have the capability to eliminate psychosocial barriers and facilitate connections so that patients can have access to medical, social, educational and other community services needed to improve quality of life.

Services include:

  • Linkage and referral to medical and mental health services (pediatric and adult patients)
  • Connecting patients to community resources (pediatric and adults)
  • Aiding patients in achieving wellness and autonomy
  • Assessing and addressing motivational and psychosocial issues
  • Aiding patients in making informed decisions by acting as an advocate throughout treatment

Who Can A Case Manager Help?

  • Patients dealing with a chronic or terminal illness
  • Patients dealing with neonatal complications
  • Patients needing housing assistance
  • Families needing to find care for an aging parent

For more information about the case management services we provide, please contact:

Rachel Rice, B.A.                                                               Joanna Johnson-Devabhakthuni, B.S.                      
Behavioral Health Utilization Manager                       Pediatric and Adult Case Manager
(304) 367-8779                                                                  (304) 367-8778